Baroque Music Trio

Baroque Music Trio / trumpet, oboe and organ. Unique performances featuring acclaimed Czech musicians

BAROQUE MUSIC TRIO contains three prominent musicians that specialize in the performance of early music. Since the late 1990’s, they have performed repertoire of the Baroque masters featuring trumpet, oboe, and organ. The Trio has performed on Czech Radio and has also recorded CDs. Their recordings have received outstanding reviews in music and media journals alike. Concert programs are carefully crafted to feature the music as well as the spaces they are performing in.

Trio barokní hudby

Pavel Hromádka is a sough-after solo and chamber trumpet player, who is currently Soloist with the Music Ensemble of the Castle Guard in Prague. He also performs many concerts with larger ensembles in the Czech Republic and abroad, including Slovakia, Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Israel, Jordan, China, and the USA.

Dušan Foltýn is Principal oboist in the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra in Ostrava. Laureate of many international competitions, he has also sat as a juror in competitions. He holds the position of Associate Professor of oboe at the University of Ostrava, and has also taught at numerous masterclass. He has been featured as soloist on recordings with orchestra.

Tomáš Thon is a concert organist, conservatory teacher, and publisher of early organ music. Solo organ recitals have taken place across much of Europe, Algeria, and in the United States. Recordings have been featured on Czech, Slovak, Polish, and French radio, as well as the BBC. As a solist, he works together with Schola Gregoriana Pragensis, a group led by David Eben.

Published CD

2020 – Old Czech Masters Outside the Country: P. Hromádka – trumpet, D. Foltýn – oboe, T. Thon – organ This new recording of the Baroque Music Trio thematically follows previous CD titles of this ensemble. This new release is dramaturgically focused on the music of old Czech Masters whose life destinies have led them far from their birthplaces. The varied repertoire consists of premiere recordings of compositions, which the artists have adapted according to the customs of the time for the instruments in their ensemble as well as previously unknown or recently published organ works. The unusual sound combination of trumpet and oboe is also supported by the extraordinary timbre of the organ stops. The organ featured on the recording is a recently built copy of the original baroque instrument in the church of St. Valentin in Příbor, Czech Republic (J. S. Staudinger, 1798 / Dlabal-Mettler, 2018). This new compact disc certainly promises a unique listening experience!

Bohumír Finger – Sonata in B-flat Major Op. 5, No. 2 - Arioso / Allegro (ext.)

Jan Křtitel Vaňhal – Fugue in a minor (ext.)

Jiří Čart – Sonata in G Major - Allegro di molto (ext.)

Václav Vodička - Sonata in F Major Op. 2, No. 5 - Siciliana / Tempo di minuetto (ext.)

2015 – Baroque Music Across Europe: P. Hromádka – trumpet, D. Foltýn – oboe, T. Thon – organ

Georg Phillip Telemann Trio sonate C Major, TWV 42:C2, Dolce (ext.)

Josef Seger – Fuga in f Minor „Když Prušáci Prahu bombardovali 1757“ (ext.)

Johann Christoph Pepusch – Sonate in d Minor, No. 5, Allegro (ext.)

Other samples form CD:

2007 – Czechs and Baroque Europe: P. Hromádka – trumpet, D. Foltýn – oboe, T. Thon – organ.

Jean-Baptiste Loeillet – Sonáta in C Major, Largo (ext.)

Anonym - Preludium D dur (ext.), Organbook form Jemnice

William Corbett – Sonate in C Major, Vivace

2005 – Baroque Music in the Czech Land: P. Hromádka –trumpet, D. Foltýn – oboe, T. Thon – organ. 

Bohumír Finger – Sonate C Major, Andante (ext.)

František Xaver Brixi (?) – Seykorka (ext.)

Pavel Josef Vejvanovský – Baletti pro tabula, Courante (ext.)