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Quality editions for scholars and performers, from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries from Central Europe. ARTTHON aims to improve the standard of the interpretation of renaissance and baroque music.


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Jan Křtitel VAŇHAL (1739–1183) – Six Fugues for Organ or Fortepiano

Another set of six fugues by J. K. Vaňhal (from the preserved 43 fugues published between 1785 and 1814 in Vienna) according to the edition from 1810 (Wei XVI: 23) is published in a new critical edition. Vaňhal dedicated this volume to Rudolf Jan (1788–1831), Archduke of Austria, disciple and patron of Ludwig van Beethoven, who was later Archbishop of Olomouc and Cardinal (1819–1831).

ISMN 979-0-8004040-3-9.

Curent price € 16,90,-. NEW

Jan ZACH (1713–1773) – Organ Works

The first critical edition of Jan Zach's organ compositions following new findings and discoveries recently published in the edition of Josef Lipavský – Organ Works in 2018.

ISMN 979-0-9004040-0-8.

Curent price € 19,90,-.


Lipavský Josef (1772–1810) - Organ Works

Forgotten Czech composer Josef Lipavský (1772–1810) had worked in Vienna. This edition correct wrong authorship of two Lipavský´s fugues published under the name Jan Zach (1713–1773), included the well-known Fugue in A Minor. Edited by Tomáš Thon.

ISMN 979-0-9004040-0-8.

Price 19,60,-.

Vánoční skladby

Christmas Organ Works of Old Czech Masters

This new title by ARTTON music publishers, an anthology of Christmas organ pieces, includes 35 pieces by known and unknown composers and schoolmasters from historical regions of Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, and Vienna; many of the pieces are published for the first time. 100 pages.

ISMN 979-09004000-9-3.

Price 28,20,-.

Varhanní knížky starých kantorů

Organ Books by Old Czech Schoolmasters / Orgelbücher altböhmischer Schulmeister

Mostly anonymous pieces from 18th – early 19th centuries sources from various parts of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Edited by Petr Koukal.

Price 17,60,-.

Vaňhal - Preambula

Vaňhal Jan Křtitel (1739–1813) – Praeambula for Organ / Praeambula für die Orgel

The new edition is based on manuscript from Vienna from 1815. Published for the first time. Print in modern clefs. Edited by Jana Slimáčková.

Price 17,10,-.

Vaňhal - 6 fug

Vaňhal Jan Křtitel (1739–1813) – Six Fugues for Organ / Sechs Fugen für die Orgel, facsimily edition L. Maisch, Wien

This facsimile has been prepared from the first 19th century edition Ludwig Maisch, Vienna. Modern clefs are used. 4 scientific studies, texts in Czech, German, English, French.

ISMN 979-0-90040000-8-6.

Price  20,80,-.


Kopřiva Karel Blažej (1756–1785) – Complete Organ Works / Kompositionen für Orgel

K. B. Kopřiva (1756-1785), eminent Czech composer and organist. He was organist in Citoliby near Louny and he influenced very strongly the typical character of musical culture in this locality in the 18th century. Edited pieces are based on original sources and published complete for the first time. Revised by Zdeněk Šesták.

ISMN M-9004000-2-4.

Price  18,70,-.


Kuchař Jan Křtitel (1751–1829) – Organ Works /Orgelwerke

J. K. Kuchař (1751-1829), a Czech composer and organist, was a pupil of J. F. N. Seger. In his style of composition he was influenced by W. A. Mozart. Ten organ or harpsichord pieces in rococo style were critically revised by Jan Hora, professor in the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague. This complete edition is published for the first time. Printed in modern clefs.

ISMN M-9004000-0-0.

Price  19,00,-.


Kypta Jan Evangelista (1813–1868) – Four Organ Books / Vier Orgelbücher

Four Organ Books written by eminent schoolmaster in Telč J. E. Kypta (1813 – 1868) contents compositions for organ by various old and period composers, mostly anonymous. Facsimile edition of manuscript in common clefs. Edited by Tomáš Thon, study by Petr Koukal.

ISMN M-9004000-6-2.

Price  30,20,-.


Linek Jiří Ignác (1725–1791) – Organ Works form the Bakov Organ Book / Orgelwerke aus dem Bakovschen Orgelbuch

Worldwide first edition of organ compositions by J. I. Linek (1725-1791), cantor and organist in Bakov nad Jizerou. Based on extended comparative research. Published in a facsimile edition with transcription to modern clefs. Editors: Petr Koukal, Tomáš Thon. Studies by: Eva Mikanová, Tomáš Horák.

ISMN 979-0-9004000-7-9.

Price  27,50,-.


Seger Josef Ferdinand Norbert (1716–1782) – Osm toccat a fug (facsimile edition of Acht Toccaten und Fugen für die Orgel, 1793) / Faksimile-Edition der Acht Toccaten und Fugen für die Orgel, 1793

J. F. N. Seger (1716-1782) is one of the most prominent Czech composers and organists of the eighteenth century. He was regarded as the foremost organ virtuoso of his time. His compositions were widely diffused in (often anonymous) manuscript copies in Bohemia and Germany. They appeared in print only in the 1790s, and the Eight Toccatas and Fugues are among his best compositions. The new facsimile edition is based on the edition by D. G. Türk (1793) and includes Turk’s original preface.

ISBN 80-900876-0-4.

Price  17,60,-.


Simon Johann Caspar – Musicalisches ABC in kleinen und leichten Fugetten (1749; facsimile and transcription)

ISBN 80-900876-1-2.

Edition sold out.

Vaňhal - 12 fug

Vaňhal Jan Křtitel (1739–1813) – 12 Fugues for Organ /12 Orgelfugen

ISBN 80-900876-4-7. New available, reimpression. Price: € 20,20.

Skvosty varhanní hudby

Jewels of Organ Music of Old Czech Masters /Juwelen der Orgelmusik alter böhmischer Meister

Representative choice of works by B. M. Černohorský, J. F. N. Seger, J. K. Kuchař, J. K. Vaňhal, F. X. Brixi, K. B. Kopřiva, J. I. Linek and J. E. Kypta is prepared by reputable Czech editors - Vratislav Bělský and Petr Koukal. All the pieces are printed in modern notation, but with consideration for the original notation and use. ISMN M-9004000-1-7. Edition sold out.